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X1 Large for enterprise

Opportunities for Every Enterprise

The demand for generative AI technologies is stated in AI Readiness Report 2023. , akin to Chat GPT and Copilot, is surging across various sectors. However, challenges like in-house expertise, domain-specific needs, and security requirements often inhibit companies from fully capitalizing on these advanced models. Our partnership with Mano AI mitigates these challenges by offering:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Focusing on AI to enhance customer experiences yields improved goodwill and, ultimately, higher profitability. Our RAG system's on-premise deployment allows personalized customer interactions, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. Operational Efficiency: Leveraging AI to enhance operational efficiency boosts organizational process efficiency and directly impacts profitability. With features akin to Chat GPT and Copilot, our solution allows rapid interaction with live documents, revolutionizing decision-making processes and increasing overall productivity.

  3. Increased Profitability: By amplifying operational efficiency through our AI models, firms can unlock new levels of profitability. Our secure on-premise solution ensures that data remains confined, opening up avenues previously limited by traditional models.

  4. New Products or Services Development: Innovators adopting AI can develop new products or services, fostering growth and diversification. Our RAG integration catalyses such innovation, enabling customization to meet unique needs.

These opportunities are not merely theoretical but actionable and aligned with growing industry trends. Our collaboration with Mano AI makes these state-of-the-art AI capabilities accessible to a broader range of enterprises, underlining our commitment to delivering value through technological innovation.

Addressing Enterprise Needs

Companies exploring generative models weigh options between open-source, Cloud API, or creating their own. Here's how Giga ML meets these varied needs:

  • Open-Source Expertise: Leveraging the Llama 2 70B model with 4k context length by Meta, we've optimized it for high performance. If enterprises require this level of finetuning, we're here to support them.

  • Cloud API Security and Control: We offer on-premise solutions to mitigate the risks associated with cloud providers, ensuring security and control.

  • Support for Building Your Models: If training or pretraining is your choice, Giga ML guides you with our efficient X1 large model, streamlining the LLMs training process.

  • Adaptability and Quality: We provide a flexible, secure, and high-quality alternative to traditional generative AI, aligning with your unique business requirements without typical barriers.


The X1 Large 70B 32k model by Giga ML is more than just an impressive technical achievement; it's a step towards a future where LLMs are accessible, adaptable, secure, and incredibly fast by addressing the challenges of lightning-speed inference, pretraining, finetuning, privacy, and RAG. We are bringing state-of-the-art language modelling closer to industries that need it most.


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